Migrant Sex Workers Legal Training Project

This project is a partnership with Butterfly (Asian Migrant Sex Workers Support Network)St. Stephen’s Community House and the Metro Toronto Chinese & Southeast Asian Legal Clinic

The MSW Legal Training project is funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario through the Connecting Communities Program. This project will develop training materials for service providers and community leaders, covering 5 areas of the law that impact Asian and migrant sex workers. A set of curriculum materials will be developed, including a resource guide and e-learning tools, to increase the knowledge of service providers and community leaders in navigating the legal system

As an advocacy organization, we primarily work with marginalized communities in the Chinese community in Toronto. It’s important that we encompass a human rights lens when working with marginalized communities because we believe that everyone deserves access, support and respect for their human rights and dignity. While we recognize the existing stigma around sex work, our projects with Butterfly focus on increasing access to human rights support and respect for labour rights for the Asian and Migrant Sex Workers community, which fits within our advocacy mandate. We would like to acknowledge our funders, the City of Toronto and the Law Foundation of Ontario, for their support in this important work, and we are excited to collaborate with Butterfly on these initiatives.

For more info on the project, please contact: Elene Lam, Project Coordinator