Community Group Project

Topic: Newcomer and immigrant student experiences

Project Type: Video (interviews)

Project Description: This brief and introspective documentary-style video explores the experiences of East Asian youth in Canada. All the interviewees arrived in Canada from East Asia at different times, giving them a unique perspective on the Asian Canadian identity. Their stories serve as reminders to us all about the importance of diversity and the struggle of finding yourself.

Student Group: Clara, Jiale, Wendy (Thornhill Secondary School)

Note to viewers: There are two videos: the first is the trailer and the second is the full-length version. 


In this second video, it covers the following topics and questions:

1:00 – Student Introductions
1:40 – What challenges, problems, and worries did you have in preparing to move to Canada?
4:20 – What challenges or problems did you actually face in Canada?
9:10 – Were there any support programs that have helped you address your challenges?
11:40 – Are you still in touch with the country that you came from?
12:27 – How do you feel about your decision to move to Canada? Do you regret it?
14:30 – What advice would you offer to East Asians looking to move to Canada?

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