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Tonight, it was a special Student Celebration held by ALPHA Education and CCNCTO. The aim was to promote the appreciation of self-identity amongst East Asian youth, and to encourage students to take a more vital role engaging in civic activities. Here is the report.

The “Live Well, Take Action: Ambassador Program for East Asian Youth” focused on analyzing the Asian Canadian identity, as well as discrimination towards ethnic and minority groups in society. This was accomplished with particular highlights on mental health, self-identity, and the recognition of one’s culture. The program was launched in February 2017 and during six weekly sessions, students explored themes related to East Asian communities in Canada, such as newcomer challenges and historical events impacting Asia and Canada. At the end of the sessions, students were organized in groups and each group created a project on a topic of their interest. Their projects were presented in the form of art, video, and/or social media.

Interview with Flora Liu: “[Especially through the exploration of] the history of Asia during World War 2, students can establish a more profound connection between their self-identities and their culture. With this connection being established, it helps them realize that being an East Asian in Canada is not something to be ashamed of because [their contributions] are being recognized in Canadian society.”

More than 35 students from the York Region District School Board were involved in the “Live Well, Take Action: East Asian Youth Ambassadors Program”.

Interview with Adrian Zhao: “As an international student in Canada with an East Asian background, [this program has helped me] feel more confident and definitely more assured of my own identity. In addition, I am now not afraid to speak out and make myself be heard on social issues, such as discrimination.”

Tonight’s event was comprised of students, educators and community representatives. It was the closing event for this program where students shared their final projects with the community.

Translation Credit: Jessica (student participant from Richmond Green SS)

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