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Tonight, the “Live Well, Take Action” Student Celebration was held by ALPHA Education and CCNCTO at a local high school in Thornhill. This was an event where students, parents, and educators gathered together to learn about the students’ community group projects that highlighted social issues within East Asian communities.

The “Live Well, Take Action: Ambassador Program for East Asian Youth” focuses on three aspects – mental health, self-identity, and cultural differences. In the program, students explore topics, such as the meaning of being an East Asian in Canada, newcomer challenges, discrimination against minority groups. Some aspects of Canadian and Asian histories were also included as one of the topics.

Interview with Flora Liu: “Students are placed in groups of three to four and together, they have to create a project to reflect on various topics; for instance, their understanding in how to cope with mental and emotional hardships…”

This program was launched in February 2017 and continued for a duration of six weeks. Aside from holding weekly sessions with students, the program took place and initiated community projects with students from three different York Region high schools. More than 35 students have participated in the program, where they studied about current and past issues in East Asian communities. Many students have revealed that this program was beneficial for their learning.

Interview with Adrian Zhao: “As an international student in Canada with an East Asian background, [this program has helped me] feel more confident and definitely more assured of my own identity. In addition, I am now not afraid to speak out and make myself be heard on social issues such as discrimination.”

The “Live Well, Take Action: Ambassador Program for East Asian Youth” was proposed in Fall 2016 with an intent to encourage students to take a more vital role engaging in civic activities and to raise awareness about topics, such as mental health issues that East Asian youth face.

Translation Credit: Jessica (student participant from Richmond Green SS)

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