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“Have Pride in Your Asian Identity”



Student Celebration of ALPHA Education’s “Live Well, Take Action” program takes place



Educational non-profit organization, ALPHA Education, and the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter (CCNCTO) held its “Live Well, Take Action: Ambassador Program for East Asian Youth” Student Celebration at Thornlea Secondary School (8075 Bayview Ave), on Wednesday, May 24.

This program aimed to develop students’ historical knowledge, thinking skills, and self-identity over a three-month period, from February to April.

Above: Student participants and the program facilitators, Judy Cho (second row, left end), and Jaclyn Wong (second row, right end) celebrate “Live Well, Take Action” program’s final event at Thornlea Secondary School on May 24. (Source: ALPHA Education)


At the Student Celebration, student participants presented their community projects, including: an LGBTQ Asian documentary, a mental health promotional video, and posters raising awareness on the issue of “comfort women” during the Second World War.

The keynote speaker, film director Tiffany Hsiung, commented on the impact of the program: “If programs like these existed when I was a student, both my high school and university years would have been much easier”. Hsiung added that such programs must continue in the future.

Director Hsiung’s film, ‘The Apology,’ is scheduled to be screened next month in two major cities: New York and San Francisco.

Translation Credit: Clara (student participant from Thornhill SS)

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