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Cantonese news video clip: We apologize that we are unable to find it on the Fairchild TV website and that we do not have permission to post the video file on our website. If you are interested in seeing the video clip, please contact the project managers.

Video transcript in English:

This Student Celebration was held by the “Live Well, Take Action: Ambassador Program for East Asian Youth” and was jointly organized by the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter and ALPHA Education.

The aim of this ambassador program was to foster students’ participation in civic activities and to raise awareness of mental health amongst Asian youth in Canada. The six-week program began in February 2017. The program facilitators conducted a series of sessions on mental health, culture and identity, and explored such topics for the six weeks.

Interview with Emi Chen: The sessions examine the value of Asian culture and identity and at the same time, introduce other topics for discussion. The topic of our community group project was “comfort women” who were also known as sexual slaves in World War 2.

Interview with Joanna Diao: Our community group project was about reputable Asians in the media, such as television shows, movies and social media.

Last night’s Student Celebration was the final event of the program, showcasing all of the students’ community group projects.

Translation Credit: Amy M. (student participant from Richmond Green SS)

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