Understanding Tensions in Elder Care among Chinese Families in Toronto (2014 – 2016)

A two-year community-based research project was conducted by CCNCTO to explore the needs of elder care in the Chinese Canadian community in Toronto by researching the relationship between caregivers and seniors and the gaps in elder care services. In this project, the research team consulted with experts in the community with the commitment to provide relevant and practical information and tools for moving forward in improving the current conditions of these services.

Using focus groups, community service surveys and a planning forum, CCNCTO created a final report, “Tensions in Elder care Among Chinese Families in Toronto,” which was released at a final planning forum where over 30 attendees including government officials, policymakers, service providers, researchers and participating seniors themselves attended. The report highlighted the main findings and listed a number of recommended strategies that aimed to improve elder care services for Chinese Canadian families.

This project was funded by the City of Toronto, Community Safety Investment Program and the Seniors Community Grant, Government of Ontario.

Copy of the 1st year research report: Understanding Tensions in Elder Care among Chinese Canadian Families in Toronto

Copy of the final report: Tensions in Elder Care Among Chinese Families in Toronto – Final Report of CCNCTO’s 2 year Community Based Research Project

Copy of the pamphlet: Bridging the Communication Gap – A discussion pamphlet on elder care in Chinese Canadian families

Hard copies of the pamphlet are available at CCNCTO’s office.