Job Description

Live Well, Take Action: Ambassador Program for East Asian Youth aims to enhance the lives of East Asian youth by fostering civic participation and greater awareness in positive well-being.

As a proactive measure, this project utilizes interactive activities and culturally relevant examples and stories to engage East Asian youth in understanding how one’s wellness has a significant impact on self-identity, relationships, and one’s positive contributions to society.

Our project approaches the social factors of wellness from 3 perspectives: mental health , self-image, and culture. Using this multi-faceted lens to guide student engagement, youth will critically examine various topics, such as the effects of stereotypes and the existence and realities of racism. By understanding East Asian-Canadian historical and contemporary contexts and learning about relevant issues in East Asian communities, this will begin to dispel the stigma of mental health and develop a healthy connection to their ethnic identity(ies).

Program Overview

Through 6 weekly sessions, a group of 10-15 students will be supported at each of the three secondary schools to develop along 4 aspects:

  1. Communication skills such as: active listening, nonverbal communication, public speaking etc.
  2. Understanding of wellness in areas of: self-care, factors that negatively affect mental health etc.
  3. Critical thinking in areas such as: power dynamics, social construction of mental health etc.
  4. Community building skills such as: organization skills, conflict resolution, reflective practices etc.

By the end of the project, youth will have formed groups to collaborate and lead a creative group project that advocates for a current issue impacting East Asian communities. Facilitators will follow up with each group to provide mentorship as the youth complete their projects. Projects will hopefully be presented at larger scale events, such as the school board’s Asian Heritage Month event in 2017.



This program is a collaboration between the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter and ALPHA Education. It is funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.



For more information, please contact the project managers:

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