More Anti-Asian Racist Incidents Reported per capita in Canada than US According to the First National Report: Over 600 incidents reported since the onset of COVID-19

September 9th 2020 – We launched the first national report on anti-Asian racist incidents during COVID-19 with Project 1907 and CCNCSJ. In total, over 600 incidents and racist attacks against Asian and Chinese communities were reported across Canada, with BC leading in per capita incidents across all of North America. The disturbing racialization of COVID-19 requires urgent action. We must unreservedly condemn all anti-Asian racism which has spread as despicable political actors continue to scapegoat Asian, immigrant, migrant and racialized communities for the impact of COVID-19. Along with peoples across Canada we demand a just recovery for all that combat the growing income inequality and wealth concentration, anti-Black, anti-Indigenous racism and anti-Asian racism, status for migrants and policies that puts the health and well being of people first.