Statement of Solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en People

The Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter (CCNCTO) expresses solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en people and strongly condemn the invasion of Wet’suwet’en lands by colonial authorities.

As Chinese settlers of this land, we recognize that the long and complex history of Indigenous-Chinese relations is one of complicity in displacement and colonization, but also one of solidarity. Chinese railway workers, who were themselves exploited, helped construct the Canadian Pacific Railway, which played a crucial role in the displacement and colonization of Indigenous peoples. Yet injured Chinese workers who were left to die by their employers were often taken in, cared for, and sheltered by Indigenous nations. 

It is this ongoing history that inspires us to unite with Wet’suwet’en and other Indigenous peoples across North America engaging in active resistance to defend Indigenous sovereignty. We call on the various levels of government to desist in the use of state violence in support of  the construction of the Coastal GasLink pipeline project through unceded and ancestral territories. 

We encourage supporters and community members to take part in solidarity actions with the Wet’suwet’en people, or to organize their own actions in accordance with the call from the Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs.



作為加拿大的華裔居民,我們知道華僑與原住民歷史上的的關係甚為複雜。我們的到來一方面助長了原住地的殖民化過程,使原住民流離失所,另一方面也曾互相幫助, 度過困難的年日。當年,華裔鐵路工人參與修建加拿大太平洋鐵路, 這鐵路是殖民化過程中的關鍵工程, 使原住民失去家園, 流離失所。但當受傷的華裔鐵路工人被雇主殘酷對待遺棄路旁,他們多時幸得原住民族收留,照料和庇護 。

正是這持續不斷的歷史激發我們與Wet’suwet’en人民,北美各地原住民團結一致,極力抵抗以捍衛原住民祖地。我們呼籲各級政府停止盲目推進Coastal GasLink輸送管項目,以暴力達到管道通過祖傳土地的目的。

我們鼓勵支持者和社區成員參加與Wet’suwet’en人民團結的行動,或根據Wet’suwet’en世襲酋長的呼籲,自力組織行動 。



作为加拿大的华裔居民,我们知道华侨与原住民历史上的的关系甚为复杂。我们的到来一方面助长了原住地的殖民化过程,使原住民流离失所,另一方面也曾互相帮助, 度过困难的年日。当年,华裔铁路工人参与修建加拿大太平洋铁路, 这铁路是殖民化过程中的关键工程, 使原住民失去家园, 流离失所。但当受伤的华裔铁路工人被雇主残酷对待遗弃路旁,他们多时幸得原住民族收留,照料和庇护 。

正是这持续不断的历史激发我们与Wet’suwet’en人民,北美各地原住民团结一致,极力抵抗以捍卫原住民祖地。我们呼吁各级政府停止盲目推进Coastal GasLink输送管项目,以暴力达到管道通过祖传土地的目的。

我们鼓励支持者和社区成员参加与Wet’suwet’en人民团结的行动,或根据Wet’suwet’en世袭酋长的呼吁,自力组织行动 。

Translation Credit: Chiyi Tam