The 4th Chinese Canadian Achievement Award – Nominations Now Open!  

Deadline for nominations: December 5, 2017 (Tuesday), 5pm



The Chinese Canadian Achievement Award recognizes and celebrates outstanding achievements in promoting equity, social justice, inclusive civic participation and respect for diversity in the Chinese Canadian community. Through this award, the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter hopes to encourage practices that work against systemic oppression. We recognize that speaking up and taking action against injustice is the first step to eliminating oppression such as racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, and transphobia, and that every individual can play an important part in building a more equitable society.

In addition to the general achievement categories, this year, the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter (CCNCTO) is partnering with the Chinese Interagency Network (CIN) to present a special Workers’ Award to a worker who has made significant contribution to labour justice, workplace equity, and work conditions of the Chinese communities in the GTA.

Award Categories

Workers’ Award Individual Award Youth Award
  • Significance of contribution to one of these areas in the last 3 years: Labour justice, workplace equity, solidarity building, work conditions improvement, fair wage
  • Level of impact of their contribution
  • Anyone with varying immigration status or work permit status is encouraged to be nominated. Nominees do not have to disclose such information. 
  • Significance of contribution to any area of social justice in the last year (2016-2017), including but not limited to racial justice, gender equality, and justice-based work related to access, immigration status, ageism, poverty etc.
  • Level of impact of their contribution
  • We encourage nominations of senior members of the community, as well as those who are marginalized in the Chinese Canadian community, or newcomers
  • Aged 26 or under
  • Significance of contribution to any area of social justice in the last year (2016-2017)
  • We encourage nominations of youth who are marginalized in the community, e.g. those who are queer or trans identified, newcomers, those who live in poverty, or have limited access to social services due to immigration status or language barrier
  • Level of impact of their contribution
  • Nominators do not have to be youth-identified

Nominations are open to the entire GTA community. We do not accept self nomination. Staff of CCNCTO and members of the CIN Labour Committee are not eligible to nominate. 

We acknowledge these past recipients:
Kristyn Wong-Tam (2013), for her contributions throughout her career as a City of Toronto Councillor and as an advocate for social justice.
Beixi Liu (2015), for his tireless work as an organizer and activist, and his contribution to labour rights, especially for the Chinese immigrant workers community.
Daniel Yau (2016), in recognition of his many years serving the Chinese community as a legal worker and his leadership on the report Sweet & Sour, The Struggle of Chinese Restaurant-Workers.

How to nominate: 

  1. Fill out the nomination form (Download here)
  2. Include a 250 word explanation or create a 2 minute video about the person you’d like to nominate and why they should win this award
  3. Submit the completed form by email to or by mail to

    Re: CCAA Nominations
    Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter
    1911 Kennedy Road Unit 105
    Toronto, Ontario M1P 2L9 Canada

The deadline for nominations is December 5, 2017 (Tuesday), 5pm.


提名截止日期: 2017年12月5号 星期二下午5点




工作者奖 个人奖 青年奖
  • 在过去3年内在下列内容之一的杰出贡献: 劳工公平,工作场所平等,团结与联合,改善工作条件,公平工资。
  • 他们贡献的影响层面
  • 鼓励提名各种移民状态或工作许可状况的任何人,受提名者不需要说明这些身份信息。
  • 在2016-2017年中在以下但是不仅限于社会公义有杰出贡献:种族平等公正,性别平等,与工作雇佣有关的开放,移民状态,年龄歧视,贫困等有关的公正
  • 他们贡献的影响层面
  • 我们鼓励提名华裔社区的长者,被边缘化人群或者新移民。
  • 26岁或以下
  • 在2016-2017年终在社会公正任何领域中有杰出贡献
  • 我们鼓励提名社区中被边缘化的青年,如:同性恋者,转性者,新移民,在贫困线下的人,或因为身份问题或语言障碍无法使用社会服务的人士
  • 他们贡献的影响层面
  • 提名者不需要是青年



Kristyn Wong-Tam (2013), 以表彰她作为多伦多市议员和一个为社会公正倡权人士的接触贡献。
Beixi Liu (2015), 以表彰他作为一个工人运动组织者和活动家的不知不倦的努力以及他对工人权利尤其是为华人移民工人的权利的努力.
Daniel Yau (2016), 以表彰他作为法律工作者服务华人社区多年以及主导“华人餐馆工人的酸甜苦辣”报告的采编


  1. 填写提名表(下載表格
  2. 用250字或一个2分钟的视频来解释介绍你想提名的人以及他们为何应该得此殊荣。
  3. 发邮件到info@ccnctoronto.ca或邮寄完成的表格到下面地址:Re: CCAA Nominations
    Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter
    1911 Kennedy Road Unit 105
    Toronto, Ontario M1P 2L9 Canada

提名截止日期: 2017年12月5号 星期二下午5点