Domestic Violence

What is Domestic Violence?

(1) Physical abuse

    * Is the most visible form of abuse and is characterized by the infliction of injury.

    * Any act that is designed to injure, hurt, endanger, or causes physical pain, e.g. slapping, hitting, kicking, burning, punching, choking, shoving, beating, throwing things, locking out, restraining, etc...

(2) Sexual abuse

    * Defined as forcing a person to participate in any unwanted, unsafe or degrading sexual activity.

    * These acts may include petting, fondling, intercourse, date, marital rape, beating sexual parts of the body, forced prostitution, use of pornography, undermine a person's sexuality by degrading comments, withholding sexual affection, criticism of desired sexuality, humiliating, criticizing or trying to control a person's sexuality or reproductive choices etc...

(3) Psychological abuse

    * Defined as routinely making unreasonable demands or the intentional infliction of anxiety, hurt, guilt or fun through verbal or nonverbal acts.

    * Serves to degrade and undermine an individual's sense of self-worth and self esteem while rejecting their opinions and needs e.g. attacking a person verbally by yelling, name calling, constant criticism, insults, threats, humiliation and criminally harassing or stalking, isolating victim from family, friends or regular activities, ridiculing one's most valued beliefs, religion, race, heritage, or class etc...

(4) Financial abuse

    * Defined as the control of a person's financial resources without their consent.

    * Making or attempting to make a person financially dependent by maintaining control over all household income, not disclosing family income or resources, stealing from, defrauding, manipulating, exploiting or inappropriately using others' finances.

    * Denying access to financial resources, withholding money or access to it for food or medicine, making them to beg for money for necessary items like personal hygiene items and children's items, and requiring justification for all money spent or when asking for an allowance.

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