Join us for the Mayday March through Chinatown to Stop Bill C-31

Posted on 27 April 2012

Please join us at Nathan Phillips Square at 4pm on May 1st for the Mayday March to take a stand against Bill C-31!

More details from the organizers below:

Mayday March through Chinatown to Stop the Refugee Exclusion Act!

The anti-refugee bill C-31 currently being rushed through Parliament creates a two-tier system of refugee protection that entrenches nationality-based discrimination, mandates jail for many asylum seekers and separates families, revokes permanent residency for many who have already been granted refugee status, and violently expels refugees and migrants from Canada. This Act also introduces intrusive biometrics data collection on all migrants and gives increased powers of arrest and detention to border guards. This racist and repressive new bill is a major roll-back on an already minimalist and exclusionary refugee system.

Through Bill C-31, we are reminded of the Chinese Immigration Act of 1923, which virtually shut out all forms of Chinese migration and separated families for two decades. This shameful history in Canadian Immigration policy is remembered today as the Chinese Exclusion Act. If passed, Bill C-31 will be remembered as the Refugee Exclusion Act.

We cannot allow the mistakes of the past to be repeated. Bill C-31 impacts all migrants - students, temporary workers, visitors, permanent residents already settled, refugees in process, and new refugees arriving to Canada. It must be stopped.

Join us at the Rally and March on May 1 at 4pm or directly in Chinatown during the march as we insist Axe the Refugee Exclusion Act! Freedom to Move, Return, Stay!

Endorsed by: Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter, Workers Action Centre, Too Asian? Talk Back

For more information or to endorse, contact Tings Chak at or visit







贊同:Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter, Workers Action Centre, Too Asian? Talk Back
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For Immediate Release

March through Chinatown links Chinese Exclusion and new Refugee Bill C-31


Toronto -- Refugee and Immigrant Rights group No One Is Illegal - Toronto will be marching through Toronto's historic Chinatown on May 1, at approximately 5pm, to protest Bill C-31, a new immigration Bill currently being discussed in Parliament which would exclude refugees.


"Many in the Chinese community in Toronto remember the discriminatory Chinese Head Tax laws that made it impossible for our community to live freely and for families to be reunited," says Florence Li, interim executive director of the Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter." Bill C-31 is the same kind of a law, just this time, it applies to all refugees, essentially making it impossible for thousands of people to get immigration status."


“The Refugee Exclusion Act creates a discriminatory two-tier refugee protection system based on nationality, mandates jail time for many asylum seekers, and revokes permanent residency from many people already granted refugee status,” says Tings Chak from No One Is Illegal - Toronto.


"It seems that Canada has a history of passing exclusionary laws and then issuing apologies. Whether it is residential schools for  Indigenous people or the Chinese Exclusion Act or refusing entry of Indo-Canadians on the Komagata Maru or barring Jewish people on board the St. Louis from entering Canada, we see the same pattern," added Li. "It's time to save the apology and just not pass this law."


Chak agrees. “These kinds of laws, 'jail first, ask questions later' were already passed in Australia and have been shown to not work, there is no reason to pass C-31 in Canada."


Dubbed the Refugee Exclusion Act, Bill C31 is opposed by hundreds of grassroots organizations, including No One Is Illegal, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers, and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. Grassroots individuals and groups, including Roma, Latin-American, and LGBT refugee groups across Canada have also mobilized against the Bill.


For more information:

Tings Chak, No One Is Illegal Toronto,







  “好像加拿大有這種先通過一個具有排他性的法律,然後再為此道歉的傳統。不琯是原住民的寄宿學校,排華法案,拒絕印裔加拿大人由 Komagata Maru 入境,又或者禁止聖路易斯的猶太人入境都說明了這一點。”李補充說道。“是時候不再隻是道歉了,而應該不要通過該法案。”







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